27 abril 2005


Através do forum do site Incubus Online View o manager da banda, Steve Rennie, respondeu a algumas questões postas por alguns fãs.
Fica aqui o texto:

1. What exactly happened with that Agoraphobia single? It didn't seem as if it was sent to radio stations even though the promo single was printed.

Answer-The label and band decided not to promote a 3rd single and call it a day of ACLOTM. The band had toured the whole of the world (except South America-we planned to but you know what happened..) and needed to take a break. Nothing more nothing less.

2. What was up with some radio stations playing an edited version (the guitar solo cut out) of Sick Sad Little World? Did Sony actually send an edited version to a few rock stations across the country?

Answer-Sony did not put out and edit. A couple of stations edited it own their own. The band did not feel comfortable cutting up the song to make it a single so it was never serviced as a single.

3. Will there be any live official bootlegs released in the near future? It seemed to me as if Live in Australia would have been the next one since there were some tracks released from the show on some singles and eps.

Answer-I spoke with Mikey last night and made him aware of the enthusiasm for a Best of the World Tour Ep and he told me to make it happen. Jake the Snake Versluis from the MYF will start putting sifting thru tracks tomorrow and I'll keep you posted as to when you might expect something.

Steve Rennie, manager dos Incubus

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