28 outubro 2005

Steve R. em Entrevista

Nós do IncubusPortugal entramos em contacto com o manager da banda para lhe fazermos algumas perguntas sobre a banda e o seu futuro, ele teve a amabilidade de responder e como tal aqui vos deixo Steve Rennie, manager dos Incubus, em discurso directo para o Incubus Portugal

IncubusPortugal: 1- Since the duet in "Neither Of Us Can See" worked pretty good are the guys planing to invite any other artist to appear on the new album??
Steve Rennie: Don't know. Too early to tell. Need songs first.

IncubusPortugal: 2- Will Brendan O'brien be the producer of the new album and will the band perfom any new song in the S.A. Tour?
Steve Rennie: Brendan O'brien probably, New songs in SA-maybe

IncubusPortugal: 3- Is there already a "target date" for the release of the new album??
Steve Rennie: Sometime in 2006

IncubusPortugal: 4- Not considering the new album...what are the main goals of the band for the future?
Steve Rennie: To keep making music. Keep having fun. Keep making a difference

IncubusPortugal: 5- Over years, Incubus have travelled all over the world....have any of these journey had influence in the band somehow??
Steve Rennie: Yes. Makes everyone realize that in spite of our many cultural differences that music can bring everyone together. Its very powerful that way.

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