30 julho 2006

Entrevista Rolling Stone

A revista Rolling Stone publicou uma pequena entrevista com o Mike sobre o novo album e aqui fica o que foi dito:

"A while back, the Smoking Section ran into Incubus masterminds Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger on a crazy night in Vegas, the same night Einziger ended up in a strip club with Paris Hilton. But we recently caught up with the guitarist, who told the S.S. all about Incubus' upcoming album, due in the fall. "Portions of it are harder than anything we've ever done," he says. "And parts are just sublime and beautiful." He's talking about cuts like "Quicksand," "A Kiss to Send Us Off" and "Earth to Bella," which the band has been recording at home in L.A. and in Atlanta with producer Brendan O'Brien. "We've been laying down nasty shit in the Dirty South," says Einziger. "Living in Malibu can be distracting, with Pam Anderson and her pretty friends drinking mai tais and throwing Frisbees on the beach all the time."

Nota: Post escrito ao som de "A Perfect Circle - 3 Libras"

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