26 janeiro 2007

I Dig Incubus: Update #2

This Weekend-Band will let us know the 5 finalists. The band has asked for DVD copies of 12 videos now which was fedexed to them in DC from which they will then pick the 5 finalists.

Jan 29 & 30 - Epic will cut 5 :30 TV spots each using one of the final videos

We will cut a full video using all 5 videos - to be ready by Feb 1 & 2 for use on websites and other media

Feb 1- Idigincubus.com will go live with the five finalists and voting will begin

Feb 1-12 - TV spots will run on MTV2, MTVu and Fuse using the 5 videos (we will chyron and rotate the spots) TV spots will push people to watch the full clips on idigincubus.com (and of course vote)

Feb 13 - Five finalists will be flown to LA to attend the show where the band will select one winner

We are working to secure a live webcast of the awards and will give details as we get them.
That's everything we can tell you now. Now I'm going to go play Tom Petty's "The Waiting is the Hardest Part" and see what our boys come up with.

BTW- this is fucking killing me too!
Cheers, Ren

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