20 abril 2008

Mensagem de Mike

Mike deixou um pequeno update sobre o que tem feito e o que podemos esperar nos próximos tempos:

"Hello Everyone. It's been awhile since I have updated anyone, on anything....So here's a little info for everyone on what i've been up to:

I have been working on an orchestral concert-piece for what seems like an eternity, and it is very close to being completed...this piece will likely be performed by a full symphony-orchestra at a Los Angeles concert venue sometime in August....the details are being ironed-out as we speak. I will keep everyone posted.

I leave for Venezuela in the morning, and I'm very happy to see all our friends there, and in costa Rica (for the 1st time!!!!!)

Cheers - Mike

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Anónimo disse...

miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike ;DDD

Anónimo disse...

Não param estes srs...então o Mike não pára msm...é assim msm!!