04 junho 2008

Brandon Boyd Update

"I am about to embark on the last leg of our 'Light Grenades' Tour. It's bringing us through Europe once again for a handful of festivals and placing us squarely back in Los Angeles by the middle of June. At which point I will begin preparing for my first solo art installation. I have already changed the location a few times in attempt to find the perfect place for the work I have been toiling over for quite some time now. And I have finally found the perfect Venue. I can't say exactly where it will take place as of yet, but I am certain that it will be in sunny Los Angeleeeeez. It will be up for about one month and will be open to the public for that duration. When I get the ok to announce the exact place, I will let you know right away so stay tuned... I am testing the water in my home town and after the show, if no one gets hurt and all come out the other side smiling, I hope to take the installation by the hand and deliver it to other locales around the globe. Any suggestions?"

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4 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

ora bem aqui na covilha há um jardim mt giro. bem que podias ca por a tua instalação Brandon ^^Lol
Mais um projecto artístico deste senhor que tenho a certeza que vai ser uma obra de arte incrivel. é pena ser mostrada la para los angelezzzz lol.
Outro texto daqueles com a ponta de comediante do sr. boyd. excelente :D


Anónimo disse...

oh se nao era.
era um mimo xD


ritap disse...

Pois Portugal está à disposição não seja por isso...arranja-se já um monte de locai...ahahah...

é o q eu digo...estes srs não param!! ;)

ritap disse...

*locais digo...lol