17 abril 2009

As vossas memórias...

Hey Incubus Fans. We're building the ultimate Incubus timeline and we need your help. We want you to add your Incubus memories, important dates, photos, videos, whatever you have relating to Incubus to the timeline we're building. Here's how:

1) Go to http://www.lifeblob.com/topic/incubus#at=2009-03-11T21:16:41Z&zoom=3
2) Click "Become a Contributor" on the right side just under the timeline
3) Once you have signed in, be patient and we'll approve you as soon as possible
4) Once you've been approved, you can start posting your memories or any Incubus relevant points!

We're hoping to have this finished in one week, so get your friends and help us out! This timeline will be featured on Incubus' new myspace page as well as www.enjoyincubus.com!

The Incubus Team

2 comentários:

Ana disse...

Shôr Cocas, é favor enviar a fotografia do RiR sff, para os meninos. Os sortudos do meet&great de INCUBUS agradecem. :)

P.S.-Eu não tenho essa imagem, se tiveres envia-me sff

Ana Gaspar disse...

O novo cd tb sairá em portugal na data que eh pa sair?