29 janeiro 2010

Notícias Frescas!!

"This past Wednesday, a judge in Los Angeles Superior Court granted Chris Kilmore a 3 year restraining order against former band member Gavin Koppel. The order requires that Mr. Koppel stay at least 100 yards away from Chris and cease all contact and communications. It also requires that he give up any firearms that he may own and bars him from purchasing a firearm during the 3 year period. Violations of the restraining order can result in further prosecution and jail time for Mr. Koppel.

Our hope is that this restraining order will serve as a serious warning to Mr. Koppel that his recent actions and his actions over the last 12 years are unacceptable and that it is time for him to move on with his life.

On a more positive note, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about what’s going on in the Incubus world. First off, Mike will be completing his second year at Harvard University at the end of May. Mike tells me that he has had a blast and its been an unbelievable experience but he’s ready to get back to making some great Incubus music with the rest of his band mates.

Brandon has been busy on the creative front as always. He recently returned from a trip to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah where he was exhibiting some of his artwork and paintings. In addition, Brandon has been quietly writing and recording some songs on his own which I’m hoping he will share with all of you in the near future.

Ben is working on a new album. The album will be titled "Burn The Tapes" and it will have a short accompanying DVD with Ashley Mendel and Sekou Lumumba joining me for some songs. Expect some tour dates to coincide with the release.

And finally, I’m very happy to announce that Brandon and Mike have been invited to speak at the Oxford Debating Society at Oxford University in the UK on March 4th. The list of speakers who’ve addressed the Debating Society includes some of the most important political leaders, scientists, sportsmen, actors and musicians of our time.

Now that should be a great ‘gig’. I understand that the last time Mike and Brandon hung out at Harvard, (the Oxford Univ of the US) they wound up singing a couple of songs at an Ivy League beer bash. I wasn’t there, that’s just what I heard. Should be fun I bet. Hopefully, one of our friends at Oxford will videotape it and share it online.

On behalf of the band members, I’d like to thank all of their fans around the world for your support."

[Isto foi escrito pelo manager da banda, Steve Rennie no fórum do IOV]

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