14 dezembro 2005

Incubus Podcast

Steve Rennie, manager da banda, está a preparar um Podcast sobre incubus. Podcast é uma espécie de radio privada que pode ser ouvida em iPods e no PC com o programa iTunes. Por enquanto ainda está na fase de junção de material e logo que fique disponivel avisarei!!
Aqui fica a mensagem do Steve:

One of the things that I'm loving the most recently is this whole notion of podcasting. The ability to produce custom broadcasts for limited audiences is awesome. In fact, the actual inspiration to do periodic Incubus podcasts came about while I was riding in many vans to and from gigs on the band's recent visits to South America. Some of the banter I hear between the bandmembers in those situations is freakin priceless stuff. Some of the best (and most cynical) stuff comes from my friend Ben Kenney. Now Ben is not alone in his cynical, sarcastic, (not mean) view of the world. I've got my own sarcastic and cynical (I plead realistic) view of the world. Well it occured to me that Ben and I should start our own politically incorrect podcast and share it with whomever might be interested. Kind of like a rock version of the McLaughlin Group. We'd call it "Ben and Ren Resents...(insert topic)"

But then the margaritas wore off and I thought a more appropriate (and useful) ideas might be to produce Incubus podcasts that were of real interest to the bands fans. So that's where you guys come in. I need some ideas. Jake and I have purchased some podcasting equipment and we're determined to churn some stuff out. Tell us what you're interested in and we'll try to make it happen.



Entretanto Steve fez um update da situação e aqui fica o que ele disse:

Alright folks. I've got some great ideas to work with here and with Jake's help I'm going to try to turn this into something, fun, entertaining, and insightful. Stay tuned and we'll let you know when we've got our first podcast up and running. Cheers-Ren

I've spent the day combing thru a mountain of old Incubus recordings from live shows, odd mixes, radio shows, and lots of stuff that never saw the light of day. Di I ever tell you about the almost Tupac/Incubus collaboration or the Oakenfold mix of R U IN. How about the lounge version of ACOG. How about the first concerts in NYC the very first weekend after 9/11. Old Area One tour stuff. Lots of concert covers

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