22 março 2006

Album Update & Dirk Lance

-Novo Album
Finalmente Steve Rennie voltou a dar novidades sobre o novo album. Aqui fica o que ele disse:

"Here is what I can tell you at this point that is real. The band has officially recorded 9 of the 17 or 18 songs that they've worked on to date. Those songs are being mixed as I write this note.

Once these songs are all the way done the band intends to go through one more round of writing in the hopes of recording a final 5-6 songs sometime in June. After that the band will figure out what songs will be on the album and what the album will be called.

As of today the band still has no plans to tour but I would not rule out the possibility that they might actually do some unannaounced shows, maybe in some small venues or clubs, to try out the new material in front of some real live people.
Cheers, Ren"

Pouco depois ele deixou sair um desabafo em que afirma que o novo album só sairá muito provavelmente por volta de fins de Outubro: "I've got end of October in pencil on my calendar"

-Dirk Lance
Steve Rennie aproveitou também para falar um pouco do Dirk: "I still talk to Dirk regularly and he's doing fine. Dirk always told me that when he was done with Incubus he would never join another band. So far he's been true to his word. He is enjoying his life after Incubus and all you Dirk fans should be happy about that"

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