24 abril 2006

Fã ouve nova musica

Um fã americano teve a grande sorte de receber um telefonema do manager da banda para ouvir uma musica nova que estará muito provavelmente no novo cd a ser editado algures em Outubro. Esse fã fez um resumo do que achou da musica e aqui fica o texto dele:

"It's definitely different from their other stuff and extremely catchy. I still have the rhythm of it in my head. And it flowed right into the chorus where Brandon kind of screams into it a little. Not a New Skin or Out from Under scream, but like an excited, amped volume kind of vocal exchange. I guess I would compare it to the way he sings Priceless live just before the chorus......the vocals speed up with the volume of his voice. Like I said, the verse is VERY catchy sounding. The rhythm is definitely a head-bobber. For a split second, it sounded sort of like a No Doubt kind of sound. Not all the way through, but it has that punchy, funk tempo to it. But at the same time, it's far from funk. I cannot compare the song to another as a whole. But I guess I would compare the verse to something like Agoraphobia, Beware! Criminal.......you know, a moderate and catchy tempo. Then the pre-chorus is awesome. The vocals really stand out and speed up like with Pardon Me live (......"but thinking so much differently"). Except this song has more syllables and it's more intense. It just speeds up real quick and gets loud. It sounded like there was a guitar solo in there, but our phones were cutting in and out. But I did hear a guitar tone in there that I haven't heard from Mike before. It sounded like that vintage crunch that you wouldn't normally hear from him."

2 comentários:

huntedbyafreak disse...

Engonhou-se todo! :|
Nao gostei de ler "No Doubt" e tambem nao me souberam muito bem as semelhanças com a "Agoraphobia" e "Beware Criminal".
My opinion!

Anónimo disse...

Eu aposto que a múscia está mt boa ! tanto tempo parados ... as ideias nas cabeças deles devem d estar mt bem formadas o que leva a uma boa composiçao de musicas novas ...

Incubus ... é td pah !

n gostei foi mt da apreciaçao á musica !