24 abril 2006

Novo podcast a caminho

Steve Rennie, manager da banda, voltou finalmente a dar noticias sobre a banda e sobre um novo podcast. Fica aqui o que ele disse:

"Ok. I'll confess to being a lazy bastard lately and that's contributed to the delay but its about time to get a new podcast going soon. As you know the guys have finished recording 10 new songs out of the batch that they've been writing. The sessions went great and all the guys are feeling very inspired at the moment. The band took a small break and now they are back writing more material. My guess is they'll record another 5 or 6 songs sometime in May and June. Once those songs are done they will figure out what songs go on the album. I'm still thinking an October release but you never know. One final note. For those of you who are DYING to see the band this year you'll have one opportunity to make that happen. More info coming soon.
Cheers, Ren"

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