22 agosto 2006

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A year ago, Incubus sat backstage at Britain's Leeds Festival and said they were taking their first real career break.

Apparently it was a short one, as the group plan to drop their new album, 'Light Grenades,' on Nov. 28.

Guitarist Mike Einzinger begs to differ. "This has been by far the longest amount of time that we've spent at home in the last 10 years," he says. "By the time our record comes out, it will have been over two years since we were really out working. It's been really rejuvenating, because at the end of our tour for our last record ('A Crow Left of the Murder'), I think all of us were just really burnt."

Einzinger says the band used their time off to settle into Southern California life, but found themselves inspired last fall after he composed the cut 'Oil and Water.'

"It was really difficult at first to convey the idea [of that track] to everybody in my band, because it was very simple," Einzinger recounts. "Brandon latched on to it and as soon as everybody kind of clicked, it was the first time we became really energized to write new music."

While Einzinger says the Brendan O'Brien-produced 'Light Grenades' will be "all over the place," it represents a new phase of lyrical composition for brown-eyed frontman Brandon Boyd.

"Brandon is throwing himself out there a lot more," Einzinger says. "He's always written a lot about relationships, but this record is very, very personal for him."

The boys plan to get more personal with their audiences next, stepping off the stadium circuit for their first tour back, tentatively set for next year. "We were toying with the idea of doing some type of theater tour," he says. "The whole idea of it for us is to just make it very special again."

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