01 setembro 2006

Alinhamento Light Grenades

Segundo o Cotonete.iol.pt:

"Os Incubus acabaram de revelar o alinhamento do seu próximo conjunto de originais com edição prevista para 28 de Novembro.

Intitulado "Light Grenades", o trabalho conta com trezes novos temas sendo 'Anna Molly' o primeiro single.

O longa-duração foi produzido por Brendan O' Brian, colaborador habitual do grupo californiano, que já trabalhou com os Pearl Jam, Bob Dylan e Korn.

"Light Grenades" sucede a "A Crow Left of the Murder", editado em 2004.

01. Quicksand
02. A Kiss To Send Us Off
03. Dig
04. Anna Molly
05. Love Hurts
06. Light Grenades
07. Earth to Bella Part 1
08. Oil and Water
09. Diamonds and Coal
10. Rogues
11. Paper Shoes
12. Pendulous Threads
13. Earth to Bella Part 2"

O site da Billboard, fala um pouco mais sobre este novo álbum:

"Incubus dabbles in a variety of styles on its first album in two years, "Light Grenades," due Nov. 28 via Epic. The 13-track set will be led by the riffy first single "Anna Molly," which describes a woman who may or may not exist in real life. The track will hit U.S. radio outlets in October.

Several tracks stay true to the band's more hard rock-oriented side, particularly the gnarly lead riff and pounding, punkish pace of the two-minute title track, the overdriven chorus of "A Kiss To Send Us Off" and the punchy "Rogues," which approximates a bizarre cross between latter-day Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ted Leo.

Beyond the hazy, effects-drenched opener "Quicksand," the band conjures "Led Zeppelin III"-esque acoustic riffs on "Paper Shoes," spaces out on the atmospheric "Dig," burrows into a simple midtempo ballad on "Love Hurts" and jams out with abandon during the outtro of "Pendulous Threads."

"Light Grenades" also includes the two-part "Earth to Bella," one version of which divides the track list in half, the other of which closes the album."

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